SharePoint Store: Exploring “Sample Data” App

Recently I had to create some sample charts using Power BI based on data from SharePoint list. Obviously, I need a list with sufficient amount of data to process. Well that means I need to spend good amount of time, to add data to my sample list.

What if I can get ready made sample data (not exact but at least to start with) to play with and make my job easier.

There comes the “Sample Data” app by CodexPoint available in SharePoint store.

Acquire the App

Navigate to the Site. Click on “Add an App” and select “SharePoint Store” from left navigation.


On the store page, search for “Sample Data” in “Find an app” search box. When the results returned, click on “Sample Data” as shown in screenshot.


On the app page, click on “Add It” button.


On confirmation page, click “Continue”. It will take some time for the app to get added. You can return to site -> Site Contents to view the status of app. Before that you need to trust the app when prompted.



Once the app is installed, it will be shown like this.


This app helps in creating data for below entities-

  • Document Libraries
  • Asset Libraries
  • Calendars
  • Discussions
  • Contacts
  • Links List
  • Tasks
  • Custom Lists
  • Wikis

This app has free license for unlimited users.


Create a List

Now the app is added, so lets create a list “Items” with columns Title (Default), Description (Text), Price (Number – 2 decimal places) and Quantity (Number – 0 decimal places).

Add data to list

Once the required columns are added, click on “Sample Data” icon to add the data.

Classic UI


Modern UI


On the sample data page, specify the number of items to be added and click on “Add Items”.


On item completion, close the dialog box.


Page will refresh to load list with data. Data may not be accurate but it will help us start and then we can modify the data accordingly.


Note: Following columns are supported – Single Line of Text, Multiple Line of Text, Choice, Number, Currency, Date and Time, Yes/No

I hope this is useful for someone.

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