Document Review Reminder Using Flow

This post is basically with reference to a question asked in TechNet Forum by one of the user.

Question: On selection of a SharePoint document, input “Review Date” and create a Calendar Meeting using Flow

So lets say we have a library “Policies” where documents are uploaded periodically and for some of the documents, user wants to set a Review Date “as and when” required.

Create Flow

  • In the search box, type “for a selected file” and under triggers click on “For a selected file”.
  • Select “Site URL” and “Library”.
  • Click on “Add an input” and select “Date”. Rename variable to “Review Date”.
  • Click “New Step”. In the search box, type “get file properties” and under triggers, select SharePoint trigger “Get file properties”.
  • Select “Site Address” and “Library”.
  • Click on “Add dynamic content” below “Id” textbox. From the floating dialog, select “FileId”.
  • Click on “Save” to save the progress.

Note: Catch in this step, “FileId” content is not present or dynamic content floating window will not show any output variables from previous step, if library selected is a “Modern” library. The workaround here is, after adding the second step, select any classic library from any Site Address in previous step and then you can see output variables in dynamic content of second step.

  • Click “New Step”. In the search box, type “create event” and under triggers, select Office 365 Outlook trigger “Create Event (V2)”
  • Select “Calendar id”. By default, “Calendar” option is present, select that.
  • Provide text in “Subject”. Dynamic string can be formed by utilizing the variables in dynamic content from “Get File Properties” step.
  • Set “Start time” and “End time” as the variable “Review Date” created in first step. These dates can be different based on requirement.
  • Click “Show advanced options” to set other parameters for event.
  • Click “Save” to save the progress.
  • Rename the flow to “Review Document Reminder” or any other name and click “Save”.

Test Flow

  • Navigate to “Policies” document library and select any file/document.
  • Under “Flow”, select “Review Document Reminder”.
  • Verify the connections and continue.
  • Select “Review Date” and click “Run Flow”.
  • Now go to the selected review date in Office 365 Calendar and event should be added here. Click on the event to see the details.

Other details relevant to the event like attendees, importance, timezone, recurrence, response request etc. can be configured in the “Create Event” step.

Hope this helps someone with same requirement.


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